Fresh Breath Club


Most pets will experience some dental problems in their lives. Up to 80% of dogs and cats can be affected. Unfortunately some issues begin at an early age and can become a painful problem that will affect the quality of your pet’s life. Rabbits are also commonly affected, with some needing regular dental work in order to eat normally.

Becoming part of the FRESH BREATH CLUB is an easy way of managing your pet’s dental health. Booking a FREE preventative appointment with one of our nurses will give you an opportunity to talk about an appropriate diet and how to brush your pet’s teeth, which is the most effective method for keeping your pet’s teeth clean.

When disease (gingivitis and periodontal disease) is evident then treatment will be needed and you will be advised to book a dental. Ultra-sonic dental scaling and polishing under anaesthetic is used to remove hardened scale and thoroughly clean the teeth. Along with other measures this will improve the health of the mouth considerably but where disease has progressed extractions may be necessary. This may sound excessive but cats are known to eat dry food even after having all their teeth removed.

Remember – Prevention is better than Cure!

If you are a member of our Healthy Pets Club, there is a great value for money deal of £170 fixed price dental, which represents a saving of up to 50%!

If you are interested in getting your pet’s teeth checked please phone 02380 228 570 to book a consultation.

Check out the British Veterinary Dental Association website for further, more detailed information.