Hospital Facilities


We are a very well equipped veterinary centre, with advanced equipment enabling better diagnosis and treatment of your pet, and the best possible care for our clients and their animals.
The practice has a fully equipped preparation room, separate sterile operating theatre, and modern anaesthetic and monitoring equipment. We perform a wide variety of surgical procedures from routine neutering and lump removals to more complex surgery such as a splenectomy or foreign body removal.

brookhouse_hospital_facilities_ultrasoundWe have a range of modern diagnostic equipment such as x-ray, ultrasound scanner, endoscopy, ECG and blood pressure monitor, which allows us to quickly diagnose and start treating your pet’s condition.
Our in-house laboratory allows us to run blood and urine samples for rapid results, further helping us to reach a quick diagnosis and get your pet onto the treatment it requires.
Modern dental equipment enables us to perform dental treatment to a high standard. Dental disease is a common problem affecting dog, cats and rabbits of all ages, and is best dealt with before it causes your pet pain and discomfort.
We have a large kennel area including large walk-in kennels for larger dogs. We also have a separate isolation ward for any animals with suspected infectious diseases.