Pet Health Counsellor

Young Girl Bringing Cat For Examination By Vet

Our Head Nurse, Leanne is a qualified Pet Health Counsellor. This scheme was set up to promote preventative health care and to help owners provide the best home care for pets with chronic disease. The following three programmes have been set up so far but there are plans for more to follow.

Please call the practice on 02380 228 570 to arrange an appointment.

  1. ‘The Kidney Club’
  • Following diagnosis by one of our vets, you can then receive a FREE assessment to ascertain the stage of your animal’s illness.
  • A tailor-made plan for your pet is then created to help promote longevity, improve quality of life and reduce stress in your animal.
  • This is a lifelong programme, which includes optional blood tests, urinalysis and blood pressure monitoring at a discounted price.
  1. ‘The Creaky Club’
  • Includes a FREE assessment of animals with mobility problems or who have already been diagnosed with arthritis by a vet.
  • A tailor-made lifelong and supportive plan is then drawn up to help ease joint pain and improve mobility resulting in a happier pet.
  1. ‘The Golden Oldies’
  • A FREE programme for animals over 8 years of age, which aims to promote longevity and help protect your pet’s body from the ageing process.