Nurse Consultations

Our wonderful team of nurses provide consultations that cover a wide range of issues.

  1. Fit For Life Club

6 months after your annual booster you will be invited to bring your pet to a FREE health check with one of the nurses. This will include a thorough check over and an opportunity to discuss subjects such as diet and oral hygiene.

  1. brookhouse_service_2_nurseconsultations_nutritionassessmentsNutrition Assessments

It is very easy to let your pet’s weight creep up over time. Obesity is a huge problem in our pets and has significant health issues. We know that it can be a difficult task to get your pet to lose weight. Our nurses will help you by giving advice and encouragement as well as regular weigh in sessions. This is a FREE service.

  1. Pre Pup or Kitten Club

This is a FREE club for owners who are about to pick up a new puppy or kitten, or have recently brought one home. A nurse will go through everything you need, preventative health care and diet advice will be given and helpful tips on how to manage the first few weeks which are always a little nerve wracking.

  1. Youth Club

This is a FREE consult offered to new puppies and kittens. It involves being seen by the nurse where they will practice touching their paws, teeth and ears to help desensitise these areas for the future. You will then be taken on a guided tour around the practice and have an opportunity to discuss any problems that may have arisen.

  1. Anxiety Therapy

These are incredibly important for our more nervous patients. Visiting the vet can be incredibly stressful for some pets and their owners. These sessions aim to get your pet to relax and sometimes actually enjoy coming to see us. Nothing horrible happens during these consults, all they get is a fuss and a lot of treats.

  1. Firework Work ShopPuppy1

Fireworks can become your pet’s worst nightmare. Becoming desensitised to these loud noises will help your pet dramatically and improve their quality of life.

  1. Nail clips
  2. Tick removal
  3. Preventative Treatment Weigh-In

It is important that your pet receives the correct dose of his flea and worming treatment. Regular weigh-ins will ensure this happens and is also a good opportunity for your pet to visit us and not have anything horrible done!